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The modern CPG product development process is complicated

  • Process breakdown

    The numerous handoffs create blind spots in the knowledge, which in turn introduce unnecessary risk and inefficiencies. Often, a large amount of work is finished before other stakeholders have a chance to cooperate, causing misalignments, delay, and rework.

  • Communication

    Many organizations rapidly test new products and ideas to meet changing market demands. This complex operating environment increases the urgent need for a sophisticated product-management function to connect many stakeholders.

  • Tech overhaul

    The IT-systems should operate in real-time and enable resilience, flexibility, and traceability. Moving from people emailing the Excel spreadsheets to the cloud is a key. At the same time, making sure that the software can be integrated with the existing systems.

Streamline the review and approval process with ConfluxFiles

  • The ConfluxFiles implements the capabilities to fill the gaps between the team functions. Providing a much higher level of collaboration, alignment, and knowledge sharing. It enables transparency by keeping all conversations in the system. Eventually, reducing the risks and time-to-market.
  • The software acts as a connecting tissue between partners, sales reps, consultants, internal stakeholders, etc. Helping them gain insights on new product concepts, align on specific features, and brainstorm discussions to pinpoint market trends and consumer needs.
  • The ConfluxFiles is a Salesforce add-on that helps automate the back-office by creating a low-touch/low-code environment. As the native Salesforce application, it integrates naturally to the system where you already manage your business.

Perform design reviews hassle-free

Visually annotate your assets

Use it with CRM you know and love

Get things done even on mobile

Everything you need to get fast reviews

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Precise image commenting

Gather feedback quickly and easily. Everyone involved can place comments and annotation directly on the images and documents.

Each piece of feedback turns into a task for the file owner.

Draw and markup support

Avoid unnecessary handoffs by marking up the file right in the tool

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Keep track of the conversation

No more confusion of who said what and when. Threaded and time-stamped comments allow you to completely eliminate messy back and forth emails.

Respond to feedback on time

Receive instant notifications in Salesforce and via email when someone leaves a comment

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Mobile and tablet support screenshot

Mobile and tablet support

ConfluxFiles is available in the Salesforce1 app, so you can review, comment and approve designs from any mobile device.

Integrate to Approval Process

Streamline the workflow by using the tool as part of your approval process

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Track approval history via Tasks screenshot

Track approval history via Tasks

Track and manage your workflow via Salesforce tasks

Available in Salesforce communities

Collaborate with partners, customers, and other stakeholders in the communities

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and much more...

  • ConfluxFiles is a Salesforce native Lightning Web Component. Just drag-n-drop it on any layout to start.
  • The application uses native and secure Salesforce Files. No more third-party drives and shared accounts.
  • ConfluxFiles supports all image formats, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents.
  • Manage document revisions and review them with comments side-by-side.

Ready to streamline your Salesforce files review process?

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