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ConfluxFiles 1.7.0 Release Notes

July 26, 2021 by Nikita Verkhoshintcev

Great news! We have just released the new 1.7.0 version of ConfluxFiles.

It has several important updates and features. Read along to find out what is new!

Multi-review Support

We have revamped the document review workflow.

In the new version, each user with the review rights can approve or request changes for the same document.

As a result, it allows you to collect reviews from different teams or departments.

For instance, you have an upcoming marketing campaign. The designers have prepared the digital assets for it, and you need to review them to ensure marketing compliance, avoid false claims and other potential issues.

It is a good practice to collect feedback from different parties, e.g., project manager, marketing manager, and counsel, which now became possible.

Reviews UI

We updated the interface of the tool so that you can see all document reviews in one place.

Reviews UI screenshot

It makes it easier to see who has done the reviews and what the outcome was.

Review Per Version

Instead of the overall document status, we bind it to the version now.

In practice, it means that if a user uploads a new version of the file, reviewers would need to revisit it so that you do not accidentally miss any unreviewed version.

Status Filters

We have implemented the status filters to make it easier to use the component and focus on the relevant things.

Status filters UI screenshot

Alongside the filters, we have updated the status logic the following way:

  • Needs Review - there has been no reviews
  • Needs Changes - there has been at least one change request
  • Approved - all reviewers have approved the latest document version

Markup Colors

We have added a markup color option to the custom settings to help you differentiate different teams and departments.

Markup color UI screenshot

You can set an org-wide color setting or narrow it down to the profile or specific user.

For instance, you can use different colors for internal users and external partners.

Recent Reviews Component

In this version, we are happy to introduce the new Recent Reviews component.

You can place to any Salesforce layout, and it displays all recent reviews across the organization with links to the record, user, and a file thumbnail.

Recent reviews component UI screenshot

It helps you to see the big picture and current review progress.

Component Layout

We have added an option to specify the layout of the files inside the component.

You can control the width of the columns within the 12-column grid.

Version and Comments

The file thumbnails now have additional information about the number of versions and the latest version comments.

Versions and comments number UI screenshot

Fix Attachment Bug

We have fixed the bug with the attached images in the comments that they were becoming unavailable after the expired session.

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